Here are some links to some amazing sites around the country.

Planet Christmas. If you like Christmas displays--this is the place to go. The "headquarters" for all types of Christmas displays.

Holdman Christmas. Everything about this guys site is just about perfect. Nice house, just the right amount of snow, and LOTS of lights and neat music.

Gordon Lights. This guy can sequence with the best of them.

Lights On Display. Some great innovative stuff going on here. I think some of the big guys will pick up on this next season.

Christmas Wonders. I would hate this guys electric bill!

Rawls Road. Another interesting innovation.

Zimmerman Christmas. Pull up a chair, get a bowl of popcorn and get ready to try to get through his "links" page in one night.

Long Lake Lights.  From our very cold neighbors in upstate New York.

More to come soon.
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